Is google adsense so famous, so it seems we are so close eye on the programs of other PPC? Or indeed PPC programs that promote self-other less? I so remember my first time writing the blog, which is the only adsense my main goal. After some time I learned that another program, it appears that there are programs that promise more than adsense. One is BidVertiser.

In fact, if we see revenue every click between bidvertiser adsense and the same $ 0.01 every click, but remember adsense will check if we have reached earning $ 100, while in bidvertiser only $ 10. It is for newbie like us-we, the real bidvertiser more to follow, at least the minimum payout smaller, just add to the spirit only.

There are more benefits to our program at this site, we can follow the program refferal. We will get the same earn with refferal us. Refferal For example, if we get the first payment in a $ 10 account then we will increase $ 10 (as publisher), and if we get refferal $ 50, we will get $ 40. Interesting is not, seek a referral to stay active, and we will increase income by it.

The advantages that other, we can write a review if our blog has been approved by them. every review we write will earn from $ 5 - $ 25. Unfortunately da several provisions that must be met by our blog, the content of which must be in English, age should blog about 3 months, the page rank should also be good.

How do you, which will follow your adsense or bidvertiser? Kalao I get them involved, but we share more attention on bidvertiser, because bidvertiser more promising than the excess earnings adsense. Moreover, for those of you-glad that you write, I can get a sizable fixed income, without having to depend on the number of visitors to our site, which actually very difficult to reach (for me of course).

If you are interested in the program bidvertiser, please click on the banner below, and visit their site.

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