In pay-per-click (PPC), member will get paid when people make a successful website or blog to see the property with a merchant to do click on the ads is owned merchant. PPC ads that appear on the web site or blog can be a text or banner (images).

PPC program was launched by the advertiser will pay for the calculation of a particular calculation, each ad in the form of text or banner is clicked by a visitor.

In the PPC, including per ad impression, which will pay per the number of ads viewed by visitors. For example, program the system with "cost per 1000 impressions (CPM), the owner of the web page will be paid when their ads run 1000 times, with or without a visitor to click on ads.

This program is very attractive blog or website owner, because the only place the ad is clicked or viewed by visitors, the member will get the money, irrespective of whether there will be sales generated from clicks.

Some of the addresses below is where you can register as publisher by providing space in the blog or website.

Space form of text-based ads or banner will appear on the blog or website publisher in accordance with the format chosen for each service provider. The following addresses are available:

1. adbrite
2. adknowledge
3. obeus
4. advtise
5. azoogleads
6. bigclicque
7. bidvertiser
8. bclick
9. clickagents
10. cpxclick
11. casalemedia
12. chitika
13. crispads
14. clickbooth
15. directleads
16. doubleclick
17. eclickz
18. fastclick
19. phedo
20. google adsense

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