If you enjoy writing, to be paid or paid to review a program that is fun to follow. As the name suggests, you will be paid only to write opinions that successfully loaded on a product, service, or a particular website.

The text can be reviewed in the blog belonging to your own blog or in the property or web service providers. However, for the program, you must be conversant in English writing and generally must have a blog with traffik particular, more and more visitors to your blog, you semakinbanyak also the opportunity to get paid more.

Why the author, publisher or blogger could be paid to write?

Can not be debated again, companies or people who have products, services, or any need to promote the publication. The more parties that publish or review the products or services, the larger the hope the product or service is known for. Therefore, it is not impossible if the advertiser or the advertisers pay for an expensive tulisn that can be written on the blog with a lot of visitors.

Products or services that are reviewed on a blog that has many visitors, it has a great opportunity to become better known, because the product must be reviewed, in general, include a link to a particular address.

Be done by the blogger or publiher to launch this program is to have a blog with content in English. Dejadikan blog will be put in the sample when an author. If approved by the advertiser or the advertiser, publisher must write a review or any posts that have been approved in the blog and will get paid for it.

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