Paid To Take Picture

Do you have or like a photography hobby? Do not leave your work left. Because there are many web sites in the internet, that are willing to buy the works with a sizable price.

Publishers, website owners, or those who need a photo or image that is the common need of products such as this. The unique images that you have, the larger the opportunity to sell the expensive.

If you have photos that do not want to be sold, but only just enough to display, or downloaded from the commission even seen only from the visitors also can obtain.

Perhaps it is time to appreciate the photographs of your own unique property that is still stored in a computer or digital camera.

Here is the address that can be a field of money for your hobby and a love with photography.

1. Shutterstock

At this address, the property of your photos will be paid 25 cents for every images downloaded by users. If your income has reached $ 500, which established a commission will increase to 30 cents for every download.

In addition to the way to sell an image, you can also get a commission from the affiliate program for fellow photographers and buyers from your refferal. To become a member, you must scan the identity card in JPEG, TIF, or PDF.

2. Dreamstime

You will get 50% -80% of each sale. If the application is received, the image means that you are ready for sale and will be placed on the first level. If the images are downloaded in as many as 25 times, will automatically increase to the second level and the level of increase to five if the downloading of 200 times.

3. Bigstockphoto
On this site before uploading your photo must first graduate from such a test is done. For each photo is downloaded, you will receive commissions ranging from 50 cents, $ 1, even $ 60, which will be paid through paypal or MoneyBookers.

4. Fotolia
On this site, you can sell photos royalty system based on the way to sell or license the image is the price that you can also specify your own.

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