How To Write A Good Business Plan

Are you going to start a new business, expansion of existing businesses, or access to funds to build the company will need a strong business plan. Business plan is not only the credibility of your company awareness, but also help to pay all the costs of base, increase the chances of success.

Even if a business plan writing can work longs and tedious, it is not difficult. Here's an overview of how to write a business plan is good.

She is included in the business plan

Business plan must demonstrate that it has examined all aspects of business. For this, the standard business plan to the nine major sectors, including the company's mission statement, a detailed financial analysis.


The first - and largest - in the scope of the business plan that took part. This section is very important and therefore should really be the first thing that reader see - even in the directory! However, it must also write, if you have a more complete understanding of the information, the business plan research and writing of another chapter.

One of the most important part of an overall mission. Mission is only three or four sentences, but they need to pack more punch from the other things in her business plan: the creation of four proposals are not only responsible for your business, but also the interest of the reader.

The remaining number of important details should be completed, the mission of the language. For example, the summary should include a brief history of the company, including founder profiles and start date, an overview of the list of terms, the number of employees and the products or services, and participate in future plans and objectives.

The candidate symbol format, you can list the main points of the coarse, it's easy to scan. Avoid using too many details - Please note that this section is a summary. A page or two days are usually pretty short.

Market analysis

In the next part of its business plan focuses on market analysis. To demonstrate that your company has a reasonable chance of success is to investigate carefully the industry and market sales plan. There are no banks or investors do not back the draft, which in this part of the security check, especially if you are in search of funds.

Market analysis should demonstrate the industry, including the size, growth rate and trends that may effect the industry. This section should also show the target market - that is, species or groups of customers, the company that intends to serve. Describe the relevant market should include details such as:

• Features
• the needs of your business or product lines will meet the
• What medium and / or sale of the method used to obtain
• What is the percentage of target market will be able to obtain a competitive

In addition, you must include an analysis of the market test results are analyzed and the strengths and weaknesses of the market for your competitors.


After analyzing the market, the business plan should include explaining your business. This section determines:

• In the nature of your business
• market demand
• Your company can does to respond to this request
• market, including an individual or organization
• The factors that determine your competitors, you can do

Although some overlap, these issues with the previous paragraph, but still need to describe your business. Every part of the business plan must be able to stand alone, if necessary. In other words, to know the details of your business, even if some aspects included in the other.


In explaining the nature and purpose of your business, you must explain your configuration. This section should include:

• the division of labor - the company is the process for staff
• management level
• the image (S) of managers and staff in the Consul
• employee incentives, such as salaries, allowances, bonuses and

The aim of this section is to demonstrate that the organization is good, not only domestically, but also to build loyalty to employees. Staff in the long-term human resources, reduce costs and improve the success of the company, weather banks and investors who want to see you have an effective system that will allows your staff.

Marketing and sales management

Destination marketing and sales business plan is to determine their marketing tactics, product or service. The company also expects how to implement the spread of development.

This section should describe your business:

• marketing
• method of allocation
• types of sales
• activities
• Development Tactics

Product or service

Marketing the business plan, you will need a limited number of products or services provided. This is not a simple description of the goods or services is, however. It should also include:

• product or service is provided to customers
• the needs of market, product, and how to meet
• the benefits of your product more competitive
• copyrights, trade secrets or information on product patents
• If there is a new product or service, research and development
• research and industry, can be used for the development of products and services

Grant applications

Only when you have a business, from head to foot, to prepare a detailed funding requirements. This section should be added by the bank or investors need to understand the types of funds:

• How much money should now be
• How much money you make, we must think in five years
• how the lone will be used to
• how long the necessary funding for
• What type of funds (die loans, investors, etc.)
• pre-qualify to be included in a financing agreement


Income from the business plan in support of its request for external financing. This section provides an analysis of your company in the future economic success. This section also provides information about your business, and economic progress, in three to five years if they do not start-ups seeking funding.

The Ministry of Finance should include:

• corporate profits tax returns in previous years
• the balance of
• cash flow in previous years
• predict, the company profit income
• sales forecast
• cash flow projections
• predict that in five years - every month or three months, the first year for the remaining years of a long interval
• ensure that we can use to obtain credit

An integral part of economic development is a great place for graphics viewing, especially if you take a positive trend in financial projections. The plans so that reader can quickly access information and can do a better job bank or encourage investors to finance your business. However, to ensure that the amount of the grant, the application of adequate financial projections you - if the forecasts are impressive, if we want more money for longer than necessary investors or banks will not give you.

Appendix Appendix the last part of the business plan. Basically, this is what we have all the data that do not comply with the eight other chapters, however, everyone - including a bank or investor - might need to see.

For example, the market analysis of the business plan may include the results of market research that was done in the area of the market. From the list of research data in this section, will be severe and dominate the business plan, you can provide this information in the appendix.

Other elements must be derived attack is as follow:

• credit history for you and your business
• the scope of the letter
• a report about your company and products or services, such as books or magazines on the subject
• Company licenses and patents
• A copy of the lease and other legal documents
• Restaurant Manager
• name of the company, as lawyers and accountants

To write a good business plan

Although the amount of information contained in the business plan should be a form of preparation, easy to read. As well as the business of writing, it is important to develop a business plan, this time - and banks, investors and professionals who have read the plan busies 'firm almost certainly has not had time to read long documents, and along the main text.

Business plan for expansion of business and entrepreneurship are usually among 20 and 40 pages format, but in fact the longer term. Using a business plan around the area and destroyed most of the important points. As graphic images are also being used to transmit information such as trends, sales and other financial information. This technology ensures that reader can browse the business plan quickly and effectively.

Think about your audience, because only 15 minutes for every business plan, access to the office. In 15 minutes, not only with the most important, but also persuade the reader, the needs of financial investment. Better research is in the business plan, organized, simple and clear, I think in prose.

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