Have you heard about the AUTOSURF program?
The AUTOSURF program is a rich quick program that provides benefits such as the percent per day or per month, you have enjoined to surf on the web site to their clients every day, they generally pay your money through the new member of the join.

Very easy sound is not it? But be careful because many AUTOSURF program was just a scam. Usually they ask us to deposit the amount of money to become a member, and when have reached the minimum payout they will pay us.

The AUTOSURF programs not only a scam programs, actually there are a lot of scam program in the intrnet. Just additional information for you, here is a discrete program scam

1.Distribution of income or income / bonus / dividend / royalties to all members, usually every month, comes from the accumulation of monthly dues new member
2.usually if they promised not need member promote, does not need to recruit a new member, sitting with a sweet enough and the money will come by itself, does not need to search for the downline system randomiser and the other ... They will do who campaign and seek a new member.
3.There are so many promises bonus / dividend / royalty / reward / achievement etc.




If you have read my previous post, of course you already know about the paid to review program or pay per post program. PPC is a program of how to earn money in the virtual world with write a review, payment will be given to each review which we have written. The payment depends on the agreement between the advertiser and publisher, of course, the broker PTR also get a commission, usually about 35%. I feel this is a good program and solid pay us (not spam), especially for one who like writing.

To follow the program's main requirement is we should have a blog that was about 3 months and has a total posting no less than 20 original posting content. That's the basic Condition of all PTR broker. Of course there is one of them ask us to write in a good English grammar and good English spelling.

After trying several ways, I finally found a way that may be useful for you all who want to join in this program. I will guide you from start planning to register in the PTR site. The way I suggest that may not be common, but I feel very useful.

1. Before you try to create a blog you should to write at less 25 articles in the same category (like art, automotive, business, educations, food, and others), I recommend your subject is about tips and tricks, not a product information. Maybe you will look for the idea from the old magazine. Remember, you should write in English with the good spelling and good grammar too.

2. Join in blog hosting (I recommend in blogger.com), and start to create a blog. You should used the ready adsense template to write a blog. Don't forget to put a meta tag in the head section, like

<meta name="robots" content="INDEX, FOLLOW"/>

<meta name="description" content="your blog description "/>

<meta name="keywords" content="your keywod "/>

as a record that should be remembered, gained between the content, title, keyword and url should use the same word.

3. Posting three articles that we prepare before. You can change the settings options post a date when the previous three months if you do not want to wait in your blog approve three months later.

4. Submit your blog in 40 search engines at once, you can click here to register your blog in 40 search engine.

5. Submit your blog in a lot of blog directory, such as Technorati, a blog search, and more. A tip if you register at the Technorati blog ping your blog every day.

6. Blogwalking, go to the other blog and write your comment on it, at least 10 blogs every day

7. Join in a lot of forum and promote your blog there.

8. Join in autosurf program to increase your traffic

9. Join in web stat to check your own visitors and put the widget in your blog

10. Post any posts every day until all articles that have been prepared (25 pieces) out. I encourage you to sett your post options. Remember the last 13 articles should to post in the running month.

11. Check your traffic, if your traffic has has reached minimize 500 visitors, you can register your blog in broker PTR sites

hopefully my tips good for you, good luck



If we want our blog or web site become a money machine, of course, the number of visitors we have to be a major concern for us. I think, create a blog or website is not too difficult, especially this time there are many web builders offer to us. For the sample This my own blog. I create my blog without any HTML skill, but my blog is exist. The number of visitor who view our site is very important and we simply spin. especially for a newbie like me.

I remember, in the first week, my visitors are only a little number (under 20 visitors a week). I feel very sad to see it, I've tried to do all that I know how to increase my blog visitors, like blog walking, join in some forum, promote in some advertiser sites. Almost every time I use to do so, but every time I check the number of my blog visitor, I still see in the low number. I feel very disappointed and almost despair.

One day when I'm blog walking, I read the tips of how to increase our visitors (traffic). simple principle, We just surf a lot of other web site and we can earn the traffic . The more we see the other website, it will be more and more traffic that we also get. At the time I was thinking, why do not I try to do? So I go to the site and join as a member.

When I was joining in that program, my blog visitor was only in 48 (He.......he.....he)
. That's so low right? The fist days the visitors increase in 148. And the seconds day are 300 visitors. I say thank God to see the numbers. I'm very happy. Now I set off my blog and add content to keep people interested to come back.

That is my increase traffic experience, maybe it will be into additional knowledge for you (if you have problem as like as my problem). If you interest to follow this program you just enter surf to earn traffic in the search engine, and you will get some sites to select. Or if you like to join in autosurf like me, you can click here.




How Easy To Get Our First Internet Dollar

If you've read my previous post, and you have practice my suggestion, of course you think that the money on the internet is not easy. Of course, not as easy as we take our savings in the bank, fill out a form to stay, signature and earn money directly. But do not worry, not all businesses have an easy, all must work through a whole-hardly.You must always remember in the spirit of your mind is not to give up on the worse situation.

I ever have experience that really ugly with the internet business. At that moment I followed an affiliate refferals programs. The duty is unheavy, only promote a contest, and we will be paid as big as $1 of each one who sign up in our link. At that moment I really make every effort to get referal as much as possible. I conduct promotion either online or offline. My refferal earning accelerate quickly till exceed minimum goals payout, but after awaited in the reality there is never check that going to my address.

I feel prustation for some length of time, do not want to think again to open the internet. At a time until I return surf the Internet and found a site that is interesting BestPaidOnline.com.

This site is a site between the fusion program PTP (paid to post) and PTC (read email). If we register on the site, then we will get a sign up bonus of $ 3. No figment of our course, but perhaps that is the real first dollar from the internet that we get.

earning we will continue to grow with the way the site is sent via email to us. Each website that we will open our earning increase of $ 0.01. Of course you are thinking very small, very long time to get a minimum payout of $ 25. It does not need to worry because there are other ways to increase our revenue, with the forum. Any answers or topics that we post on the forum we will get $ 0.02. And there are dozens of topics that we can follow it there.

It's not a written rule on the post in this forum, that is, we're not allowed to post the same topic in more than 10 post. And then if we violate our earning comes from the post will be removed, entirely, so only earning a living from the e-mails. So if you want to post your opinion should be assigned to each topic, not only are collected in a topic only. This will be considered that we have been doing spam.

If you want to develop more earning we can also follow the referral program, where we will get 10% of the referral income, for a premium member can even reach 20%.

I truly believe that this site is valid, and can pay us correctly. There are my friends (of course not from the forum site) who has received payment from this site through their paypal account. At least on this site we can practice to express our opinions in English, as we train the courage to write English.

If you are interested or just want to see the site, please click here.To become a member on the site is absolutely free. I unreservedly for this site is meritorious because I have to restore trust in the Internet business.



If you are looking for alternative media investment, should begin to look cheap option and rousing in the virtual world, the investment in the area online. As well as buying land in the real world the form of land, also provides a virtual world of online domain name that can be rented or even sold.

Domain names can be referred to as the address where the land is we have. For example, if your physical store location is in the JL. Africa, Asia no.1, your domain is the online store for example www.asiaafrika.com. Real buyers will come to your physical address, while buyers will visit the virtual www.asiaafrika.com, to go to your online store.

Well if you have the land now called the online domain, but not used, there is one program that can create online a land of cash machines, the park domain.

Through the park your domain will be leased as a parking area other domains. You will get money for each click on the visitors who come to the website. The money comes from advertisers who advertise the site through the parking service provider. If you have parking, then your domain will include links from advertisers or the advertiser.

This program can be spelled out very easy to do because it only owned a domain without hosting, without the need to understand the language should be a kind of HTML, and content of the page. Although the park has become surplus domain, but it can also mean that the weakness of the park domains. Domain that contains only a link and have no content, clearly does not have any attraction for visitors.

Well if you are interested in the property business online or even children and grandchildren want to inherit a form of virtual land, park domain is one of the answers you desire it.

Here are some site address for the domain parking
1. Activeaudience
2. Adshack
3. Domainspa
4. Domainsponsor
5. Dotzup
6. Godaddy
7. Goldkey
8. Imonetize
9. Namedrive
10. Sedo


Getting Money Only With The Make Design

Have talent in the field of design? If so, there is good news that can make you become rich from the virtual world. Currently, there are many places on the Internet that can accommodate creative ideas become a field of money.

This program allows you to sell products and also have online stores without having to remove the least capital. How?

Things you need to do is create an image for the design of merchandise (eg T-shirt, day, mug, poster, or a hat). Design and then send it to your service provider. They will then exhibit the works at the website. If there are any interested visitors to buy merchandise, eg, design a T-shirt with a picture you have, then they will make the shirts and send them to the buyer.

Benefits derived from the difference between your selling price basis, which is determined with the price that you set yourself. For example, if a T-shirt is worth a basic $ 20, you can sell it with $ 25 for a $ 5 profit per sale.

So more and more visitors who are interested to use the design you want on the goods purchased, the larger the opportunity for you to reach your dollar.

Some of the addresses that can be followed to sell your creative ideas are:
1. Zazzle
2. Printmojo
3. Flyingcart
4. Spreadshirt


Following the program in Fotolia

Here's how the registration will be done at Fotolia. Before signing up, there are some things to keep in mind, namely:

1. Fotolia search for images of simple objects, but the general unique, and the image expression with various activities during a day-to-day.
2. The photo can be received and proportional size of the minimum 1600x1200 pixels.
3. This site only accept images in JPG or JPEG format. The other format such as Bitmap, PNG, PSD, RAW, it is first converted into JPEG or JPG format.
4. Fotolia will reject images with pornographic content, violence, racial, or illegal content, as well as photographs of the ugly composition.
5. Photos must be free from excessive artistic.

Steps to become a member:
1. sign up at Fotolia.com
before uploading images, you must pass the test of some of the questions provided, After graduating from the test, you can start uploading photos and sell them.
2. Click upload new file
Can be uploaded to the way normal, with flash, or via ftp software
3. click browse
To search for photos stored on the hard drive in your computer. Do if the upload photos manually.
4. click upload file. To further give the title, a record for the editor, state, and file types. Add the keyword or keywords to the file.
5. Select a category. Give additional information, whether the image is only for special fotolia and the option to become free if the section was not considered eligible. Also specify the price for the image.
6. submint and click finish.
If the image you are eligible, the photo will be displayed on the web fotolia.com according to the category you choose.



Paid To Take Picture

Do you have or like a photography hobby? Do not leave your work left. Because there are many web sites in the internet, that are willing to buy the works with a sizable price.

Publishers, website owners, or those who need a photo or image that is the common need of products such as this. The unique images that you have, the larger the opportunity to sell the expensive.

If you have photos that do not want to be sold, but only just enough to display, or downloaded from the commission even seen only from the visitors also can obtain.

Perhaps it is time to appreciate the photographs of your own unique property that is still stored in a computer or digital camera.

Here is the address that can be a field of money for your hobby and a love with photography.

1. Shutterstock

At this address, the property of your photos will be paid 25 cents for every images downloaded by users. If your income has reached $ 500, which established a commission will increase to 30 cents for every download.

In addition to the way to sell an image, you can also get a commission from the affiliate program for fellow photographers and buyers from your refferal. To become a member, you must scan the identity card in JPEG, TIF, or PDF.

2. Dreamstime

You will get 50% -80% of each sale. If the application is received, the image means that you are ready for sale and will be placed on the first level. If the images are downloaded in as many as 25 times, will automatically increase to the second level and the level of increase to five if the downloading of 200 times.

3. Bigstockphoto
On this site before uploading your photo must first graduate from such a test is done. For each photo is downloaded, you will receive commissions ranging from 50 cents, $ 1, even $ 60, which will be paid through paypal or MoneyBookers.

4. Fotolia
On this site, you can sell photos royalty system based on the way to sell or license the image is the price that you can also specify your own.



If you enjoy writing, to be paid or paid to review a program that is fun to follow. As the name suggests, you will be paid only to write opinions that successfully loaded on a product, service, or a particular website.

The text can be reviewed in the blog belonging to your own blog or in the property or web service providers. However, for the program, you must be conversant in English writing and generally must have a blog with traffik particular, more and more visitors to your blog, you semakinbanyak also the opportunity to get paid more.

Why the author, publisher or blogger could be paid to write?

Can not be debated again, companies or people who have products, services, or any need to promote the publication. The more parties that publish or review the products or services, the larger the hope the product or service is known for. Therefore, it is not impossible if the advertiser or the advertisers pay for an expensive tulisn that can be written on the blog with a lot of visitors.

Products or services that are reviewed on a blog that has many visitors, it has a great opportunity to become better known, because the product must be reviewed, in general, include a link to a particular address.

Be done by the blogger or publiher to launch this program is to have a blog with content in English. Dejadikan blog will be put in the sample when an author. If approved by the advertiser or the advertiser, publisher must write a review or any posts that have been approved in the blog and will get paid for it.



Top Three SEO Tips

Since 1998, I spent several months each year looking for the best search engine optimization (SEO) advice from the end of the previous year. This year, I found the best advice référencement yet.

SEO Tip # 1: Make Google Alerts Your Personal Online Spy

Google Alerts is the best way to make the largest online search engine spy staff. This will allow the search engine optimization of insider info for all levels. Here is an excerpt directly from Google ....

"Google Alerts are updates of the latest Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice or a subject of interrogation.

Some want to use Google Alerts:

* Follow the news that developing countries
* At this time remain on competitors or industry
* Get the latest of a celebrity or event
* Keep an eye on your favorite sports team

As you probably guessed, this is the second, we care about most, "at this time to stay on competitors or industry."

Here's how it works ... Whenever Google finds a reference to the application or topic you require, you receive an email with the details. It's like spying online to ensure that competitors do not use protection keyword (brand name, company name, etc.) It is an identifier to know quickly if a site or of a product mentioned in the media, or even when the subject, you can take advantage of the situation. This is the easiest way in the world to stop competitors dirty tricks and identify trends that can take advantage of speed.

It's fast, free and works every day, every minute. Google Alerts (http://www.google.com/alerts) you take the field work while you enjoy the rewards!

SEO Tips # 2: Optimizing your page and 404 Always Be Found

"Error 404: Page Not Found" is a blessing that most Webmasters curse. Why? Getting visitors to each page of your site is fantastic! Do not blow the opportunity. You not only can you do "404" page a valuable sales tool, you can use the following search engine optimization techniques to attract consumers.

A.) Use keywords in your book, to add a "pipe" (usually above the Enter key), then use the two keywords. Here is an example for SEO site "SEO - Search Engine Tips"

B.) Add a few keywords rich content using one or two keywords for the page. If you have less than 250 words on the page, use only one keyword and not use more than three times in total. Bold and italics the first use of the second or third job. Please note that the "inactive" page to say that visitors to your site is on them and increase the appetite with a good description. As this work well ... "Thank you for visiting SEO (bold) Group, Inc. We are sorry you landed on a page is missing, but do not worry if you find the best search engine optimization tips (in bold) you're on the right ... " This will be few or as long as you want, then finished with something to the effect "Please click here (link) to visit our site or click on a map of all the links on the left .

C.) Add standard navigation system on the site (row, column, etc.), as mentioned above.

D.) Make the appearance of the measure 404 to match your site's main page as closely as possible with a model, are palette, cascading style sheets, etc.

E.) Create a link to the page of a site plan if available, and link easily found. You want the visitors out of the 404 and the page in your content as soon as possible.

Setting up a link page 404 custom usually lasts less than five minutes on most web hosting company such as GoDaddy.com. But what is necessary, it is worth it.

SEO Tip # 3: Get (or more) More serious relationship

I saved the biggest for last. If you want to do well on search engines, including Google, one with the most important things you can do. It's simple.

Here are five things you need to do to make your site # 1 on Google:

A.) Find the highest page rank sites linking to your site and your competitors' sites.

B.) Launch campaigns and monthly link snatch the best of which are identified on the site.

C.) Run regular checks on the page that is always connected to your site. Alsomake sure they do not move to a high page rank page to a lower (not cheating!)

D.) Eliminate any penalized link to your site ASAP!

E.) Check your search engine ranking and your competitor for each of your keywords every month. In doing so, the minimum, Google, Yahoo, MSN and Alta Vista.

Inside Tip: Keeping up can be a lot of work that many SEO Consultants (myself included) use SEO Elite (http://www.SEOeliteWeb.com) to more difficult and takes time to work.

One thing is to know that Google is a student who comes from a project created to define a single site with a value that link to this site. Twelve years later he is still the main job. Connecting to Google is everything.

One of the best SEO advice from the best, if used wisely. Good luck!


Confidential SEO Strategy: How Do The Conversion Keyword

Search Engine Optimization is focused on efforts to get more traffic from search engines? We will say something different from other ISPs.
Not to get more traffic from search engines.

Secret of the keywords in the search for transformation is the keyword that is focused on the problem.

For example, if your site sells a natural solution to the problem whelk

You start to make research on keywords and found that the keywords "physical action" has 288 daily searches. But has more than 2,000,000 competition site.

Even the term "acid reflux physical action" has 67 daily searches with more than 11,000 sites that compete.

You do the time and effort to optimize your site for the first set of keywords?

May your research more, but you do not know how these researchers want to buy your stomach acid is used. Not many competitors, keyword!

Or you will be a second term by only 67 people on the lookout for him - with 67 people searching for what you offer? And have a much lower amount of competition to start!

Of course, the second word is better!

Of course, you can have a decrease in traffic - but the visitors are more likely Thursday to purchase your product.

Why do you spend more money with less traffic, More

People for Internet solutions to problems and do not need to buy something. Well, what of the problems that come to your site?

Think of keywords such as "problem statement" that someone will be kind of a search engine.

If you can match with the right keywords for which they are trying to solve. Will attract more visitors to your site so you can concentrate all efforts to optimize them!

Here are some suggestions for search keywords to help you change your keywords in the conversion ...

Top Search Engine Tips to find keywords that are targeted will bring the best buyers to your website:

Check the server logs. See what your keyword phrase is actually the people who use it to find your site. If there is something you've neglected to build pages that focus on the keywords.

Also for the keywords that cause people to leave immediately, because they find what they are looking for. Dent immediately keywords.

Search for "intent". Say you sell cross-country ski equipment. People can come to your website in search of something different.

For example:
They want to buy a particular product
They find reviews
They want information on how to get the cross-country ski
They want to discount or equipment
They want to know what equipment will be best for them
They want to know what's new and hot cross-country ski equipment

Same products - far different purpose!

If you optimize the page (or pages) for each others problems trying to solve, you can give them a look ...

That means they are more on your site - and you'll have a better chance to catch them in their sales.

Check the competition. What keywords to competitors and to optimize the page?

You can spy them with the site and they see your code!

In the web browser, just go to show the main menu and click Source or Page Source to see under the tent "of any competitor site. So you can see what they do right and what you can do better.

You find the best keywords with pay-per-click ads. This is the fastest way to find out how well different keywords work.

Pay-per-click, you can display ads based on two or three words at the same time. This allows you to track where the best conversion. Make sure to click on ads to pages that are directly related to the keyword.

SEO concentrate efforts on the specific keywords that describe what each page solves the problem. Do not be tempted by more general keywords with higher traffic numbers. They will not send you the traffic you want.

Follow these tips to search engine optimization and keywords to be converted.

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How To Write A Good Business Plan

Are you going to start a new business, expansion of existing businesses, or access to funds to build the company will need a strong business plan. Business plan is not only the credibility of your company awareness, but also help to pay all the costs of base, increase the chances of success.

Even if a business plan writing can work longs and tedious, it is not difficult. Here's an overview of how to write a business plan is good.

She is included in the business plan

Business plan must demonstrate that it has examined all aspects of business. For this, the standard business plan to the nine major sectors, including the company's mission statement, a detailed financial analysis.


The first - and largest - in the scope of the business plan that took part. This section is very important and therefore should really be the first thing that reader see - even in the directory! However, it must also write, if you have a more complete understanding of the information, the business plan research and writing of another chapter.

One of the most important part of an overall mission. Mission is only three or four sentences, but they need to pack more punch from the other things in her business plan: the creation of four proposals are not only responsible for your business, but also the interest of the reader.

The remaining number of important details should be completed, the mission of the language. For example, the summary should include a brief history of the company, including founder profiles and start date, an overview of the list of terms, the number of employees and the products or services, and participate in future plans and objectives.

The candidate symbol format, you can list the main points of the coarse, it's easy to scan. Avoid using too many details - Please note that this section is a summary. A page or two days are usually pretty short.

Market analysis

In the next part of its business plan focuses on market analysis. To demonstrate that your company has a reasonable chance of success is to investigate carefully the industry and market sales plan. There are no banks or investors do not back the draft, which in this part of the security check, especially if you are in search of funds.

Market analysis should demonstrate the industry, including the size, growth rate and trends that may effect the industry. This section should also show the target market - that is, species or groups of customers, the company that intends to serve. Describe the relevant market should include details such as:

• Features
• the needs of your business or product lines will meet the
• What medium and / or sale of the method used to obtain
• What is the percentage of target market will be able to obtain a competitive

In addition, you must include an analysis of the market test results are analyzed and the strengths and weaknesses of the market for your competitors.


After analyzing the market, the business plan should include explaining your business. This section determines:

• In the nature of your business
• market demand
• Your company can does to respond to this request
• market, including an individual or organization
• The factors that determine your competitors, you can do

Although some overlap, these issues with the previous paragraph, but still need to describe your business. Every part of the business plan must be able to stand alone, if necessary. In other words, to know the details of your business, even if some aspects included in the other.


In explaining the nature and purpose of your business, you must explain your configuration. This section should include:

• the division of labor - the company is the process for staff
• management level
• the image (S) of managers and staff in the Consul
• employee incentives, such as salaries, allowances, bonuses and

The aim of this section is to demonstrate that the organization is good, not only domestically, but also to build loyalty to employees. Staff in the long-term human resources, reduce costs and improve the success of the company, weather banks and investors who want to see you have an effective system that will allows your staff.

Marketing and sales management

Destination marketing and sales business plan is to determine their marketing tactics, product or service. The company also expects how to implement the spread of development.

This section should describe your business:

• marketing
• method of allocation
• types of sales
• activities
• Development Tactics

Product or service

Marketing the business plan, you will need a limited number of products or services provided. This is not a simple description of the goods or services is, however. It should also include:

• product or service is provided to customers
• the needs of market, product, and how to meet
• the benefits of your product more competitive
• copyrights, trade secrets or information on product patents
• If there is a new product or service, research and development
• research and industry, can be used for the development of products and services

Grant applications

Only when you have a business, from head to foot, to prepare a detailed funding requirements. This section should be added by the bank or investors need to understand the types of funds:

• How much money should now be
• How much money you make, we must think in five years
• how the lone will be used to
• how long the necessary funding for
• What type of funds (die loans, investors, etc.)
• pre-qualify to be included in a financing agreement


Income from the business plan in support of its request for external financing. This section provides an analysis of your company in the future economic success. This section also provides information about your business, and economic progress, in three to five years if they do not start-ups seeking funding.

The Ministry of Finance should include:

• corporate profits tax returns in previous years
• the balance of
• cash flow in previous years
• predict, the company profit income
• sales forecast
• cash flow projections
• predict that in five years - every month or three months, the first year for the remaining years of a long interval
• ensure that we can use to obtain credit

An integral part of economic development is a great place for graphics viewing, especially if you take a positive trend in financial projections. The plans so that reader can quickly access information and can do a better job bank or encourage investors to finance your business. However, to ensure that the amount of the grant, the application of adequate financial projections you - if the forecasts are impressive, if we want more money for longer than necessary investors or banks will not give you.

Appendix Appendix the last part of the business plan. Basically, this is what we have all the data that do not comply with the eight other chapters, however, everyone - including a bank or investor - might need to see.

For example, the market analysis of the business plan may include the results of market research that was done in the area of the market. From the list of research data in this section, will be severe and dominate the business plan, you can provide this information in the appendix.

Other elements must be derived attack is as follow:

• credit history for you and your business
• the scope of the letter
• a report about your company and products or services, such as books or magazines on the subject
• Company licenses and patents
• A copy of the lease and other legal documents
• Restaurant Manager
• name of the company, as lawyers and accountants

To write a good business plan

Although the amount of information contained in the business plan should be a form of preparation, easy to read. As well as the business of writing, it is important to develop a business plan, this time - and banks, investors and professionals who have read the plan busies 'firm almost certainly has not had time to read long documents, and along the main text.

Business plan for expansion of business and entrepreneurship are usually among 20 and 40 pages format, but in fact the longer term. Using a business plan around the area and destroyed most of the important points. As graphic images are also being used to transmit information such as trends, sales and other financial information. This technology ensures that reader can browse the business plan quickly and effectively.

Think about your audience, because only 15 minutes for every business plan, access to the office. In 15 minutes, not only with the most important, but also persuade the reader, the needs of financial investment. Better research is in the business plan, organized, simple and clear, I think in prose.




Perhaps you've often heard about the alexa rank? What actually the Alexa rank is? Actual rank alexa ranking is the reverse of the order, so if no ranking alexanya occupied. 1 is the best and if more than one, of course, should be improved. Title I save the above actually more appropriate when I called the Alexa rank, because when it is enlarged or improved will have the effect of vice versa.

The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). As a first step, Alexa computes the reach and number of page views for all sites on the Web on a daily basis.

The main Alexa traffic rank is based on the geometric mean of these two quantities averaged over time (so that the rank of a site reflects both the number of users who visit that site as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those users).

Here are some tips to increase your alexa rank

1. Alexa Traffic
The most basic step: Get lot of site traffic! Because the idea of early Alexa rank is to determine who has a website where most traffic with the assumption, more traffic = more popular. Alexa ranking is essentially a website

2. Use alexa toolbar in your browser, because every website you open it will be calculated by Alexa. With the assumption that in fact the most open web sites you are your own

3. Take the alexa widgets on your web site pages, so that Alexa more accurate calculation based on the ping from your server to server Alexa

4. Make a post about Alexa, because some of the web master to do this to help increase their Alexa rank

Sometimes there is a tendency that the sub domain alexa rank will follow the main domain it. as an example the blog using sub domain blogger.com the Alexa rank will be the same as the main domain that is blogger.com. However, the anomaly is not found a detailed explanation, it may only appear in some cases only as an exception.

How to cruise advantageously your activity through the economic recession

It is the economic weakness, the whole economy is basically the end of phase decline.This, while the development of the economy. Economic recession, which is characterized by a low level of consumer buying (mainly from product-durable) and reduce the production company.

Although the economic downturn, while difficult it is to remove obstacles for small businesses, which to live and develop, and the slowdown of the economy, the creation of opportunities. If the company may be able to recognize the opportunity to attract more customers from the market share from their competitors. employers use the opportunity to assess the economic, development of alternative methods of doing business, a period during which growth has been carried out.

The challenge, the success of your company by the economic downturn lies in the renewal of your company in this economic reality. In particular, the owner of the company back on its core clients / customers, reduce operating costs, cash management and more active, not reactive, lead.

Here is a good practice which will help you, your company successfully manage the economic downturn:


• to save money.
• Protect your assets.
• to reduce costs.
• to increase efficiency.
• customer base grows.

Action required:
• Do not panic ... History shows that the economic recession that is not eternal. To remain calm and rationale behavior, attention to the size of your company, the economic conditions at that time.
• concentration, you can ... the medium does not talk of recession and slowdown of economic growth to prevent them from a commercial success. This is a trap! Why? Given the economic conditions that are beyond your control. The economic downturn is on what is possible, it's related activities.
• communication, exchanges and communication! Be careful of the trap to try them too much. This is a difficult task, really live, and the development of your business only with their own efforts. Taking ideas and to help from other people (employees, suppliers, lenders, customers and consultants). Honest and consistent communication. Effective communication is a two-way is the key.
• Negotiations to negotiate! The value of a strong capacity of negotiations cannot be underestimated. Guidelines for better handling of the negotiations, and it is necessary adjustments and the size of your company's current economic conditions. The key to success is not only a way to develop a "win-win", with all parties to negotiate, but also the fact that you have a good result for us.

Best-practice recommendations:

Nuts and bolts are as follow ... List of recommended best practices are an essential prerequisite for the survival and development in the economic recession. The current financial situation of the company at the beginning of the economic downturn, the priority and urgency of the implementation of the following bests practices.

1. Accurate monitoring of cash flow: cash flow forecast, your order to ensure that the monthly costs and the costs in line with the debtor. In the cash flow of monthly financial reports. The project needs money from 3-6 months. The key is to know how the monitoring, protection, and the money to work.

2. Pay attention to the list: the transformation of surplus, obsolete and slow Stocks cash. Consider again the benefits and the objects move slowly back to the suppliers. Close-out or inventory reduction sales, adjust inventory. Moreover, since the reduction of the product. To contribute to the placement of inventory and about the lack of basic material. Keys that are not for sale of shares.
3. Timely collection of receivables: These should be converted into cash as soon as possible. Prompt payment discounts to encourage timely payment. Slowly, the condition of the sale of paid subscribers (ie, within 30 days after the change in terms of chemical oxygen demand). The compensation is an important part of managing cash flow. The first rule of invoicing is done as soon as possible after the delivery of goods and / or the provision of services. A focus on the reduction of payroll errors. Most customers delay payments to the law, because it is a mistake, you will not be paid until the copy. E - mail or fax your invoices to save time by e-mail. Publish your payment has been received and stores frequently. The key lies in the development of effective collection, which the payments on time, and warned the problem.
4. Re-focus on you're existing clients / customers: customer satisfaction, let your priorities. Periodic assessment of the history of your customers to buy and buy some frequencies in the May has revealed interesting facts, your customers buy. The signing of long-term contracts with major clients / customers are besides your safety. Prepaid cash rebates. The key is to take the necessary steps to ensure customer loyalty, that is.
5. Re-negotiations with suppliers, lenders and owners:
A) Vendor: The negotiations to determine the level of need that your company and the costs have been determined, it is necessary, the cost of care. . Tell the supplier, the value you've created, but you should immediately costs. Ask your dealer for the price in the long term of payment, and the elimination of the financial burden. Even if you buy the material based on the game. Top-price concessions are willing to accept a long-term contract. To the idea of an exchange of payments.
B) Loans: all financial flows and trade with you and the Bank has exceptions. The first step for the success of the negotiations, to ensure your lone, you are really the lone. It should be on your own funds, because it is in their interest to have a new system. Shows that your assets and plan of action, measures to save costs, and the "how" and "time" for the implementation of his plan is the best way to achieve this goal. You must agree with work together to ensure that we can survive and develop the economy in recession. Negotiations are: interest rates, which are necessary for the loans, and the date for a specified period. Date of commencement of the payment can be just in time for a few months or a year. The key is to understand that your bank will work with you to work together, but often to communicate with them are important.
C) the owner, the owner. Please note that you need an extension of the rent. Make sure that a clause in the lease, you have the right to sublet in whole or in rented space.

6. Re-evaluation of your employees: This is a very important region. Wages of the high burden of enterprises. Therefore, the reduction in the number of working hours and changes in the short-term or permanent suspension has a direct cost. The increase in most companies to hire new employees at the time, only to discover that over-staffed, because of slow sales of the economic recession. Dismissal of staff, very careful with your employees, your strength and jerry building quality customer service. Consider the use of part-time or who are the trends, outsourcing of certain functions independently.
7. To better insurance prices: access to the quotations from other insurance brokers, compared with the power to determine weather your current insurance carrier competitiveness. Even taking into account the extent of the changes to the insurance premiums. The key is finding the right balance is adequately insured, but that does not belong with or through the insured.
8. Repeat ad: a cost-saving initiatives, the possibility of you're advertising spending. These tactical advantages for the reduction of noise and congestion (lower wages) on the market. Slowdown is a good way to increase brand awareness and creating a greater demand for products / services.
9. Request the assistance of external consultants: The use of the Advisory Committee composed of registered accountants, lawyers and business advisers, with the aim of providing advice and guidance. They combine experience in working in the same economic situation in the past is very valuable.
10. Verification of other costs: the aim is to devise a plan to reduce costs by 10-15%. Try to avoid unnecessary costs. To tighten the belt once the recession is practicable and financial.
Proactive management of your company by the economic downturn is a major challenge and the key to life. However, through the initiatives, economic recession can be great opportunities for your company to get more market shares. Take advantage of the opportunities for development, we must act quickly to practice in the workplace, and continue to adjust the size of your company's current economic conditions.




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First time I tried to write a blog, which I have in mind is how to get adsense account to be able to show their ads. I do not think other PPC programs, because the information I can get google adsense only.

Perhaps you can imagine how I do not understand the HTML at all with the knowledge of English is very narrow, must create a blog that the content must be in English. It's like the sky would fall as well.

But after the fact does not try too hard. To the knowledge of HTML I read many tutorials on creating a blog, of course, in a language I able. And about the trouble the English language, I use google translate site. Two issue already, I feel a little relieved.

Problems that appear next to that is what we will write it in our blog. The first time I write, I do not focus on one topic or keyword only (I later realized that it is not correct). I satukan various topics, be forced to feel congested and not known. I think the origin of the English language, no matter what the topic that I write. In fact I do the very foolish.

Every day I write one post, and on the fifth day after the number of posting I have 5 of course, I sign up to adsense. During the evaluation, I pick up my habit to write on the blog, but not every day. After almost 2 sunday ever in my account approved by adsense (at that time the amount of posting I have 8). I feel very happy, it's such as I have won a sweepstakes.

At the other, I try to make my school. The concept has been effective start, not ragged as my first blog. I write the article 3 in the English language, and some way of posting on my blog is. There was only a list of some of the links and the location where I store the files needed. In fact terusterang files are all in my native language is English. I do all night, and a new day finished early, I adsensenya register an account, and then sleep.

Next day I open the e-mail account and found that adsense has been in acc. So I think on the blog making it the first all-out content that I write the original, until almost two weeks ever. Whereas in the second blog I only write some original content there was only a list of links, while the articles that I post is adapted from an article that I find on some sites. And in fact only one day in adsense account has been in acc. If you do see my blog, because up to this second, I have not updated blog, please click here.

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There are some assumptions that are my thoughts, namely:
1. the content more clearly and focus
2. written more cleanly because it was premeditated
3. Its unique because, even if only a link but the topic is truly original, that is the program of teaching in our schools

Maybe you can take the example of the making of my blog this second, with a plan that is both what you want to submit in making your blog, and try to prevent all contents on a single keyword. Perhaps the tip quickly so that get the adsense account.

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