Confidential SEO Strategy: How Do The Conversion Keyword

Search Engine Optimization is focused on efforts to get more traffic from search engines? We will say something different from other ISPs.
Not to get more traffic from search engines.

Secret of the keywords in the search for transformation is the keyword that is focused on the problem.

For example, if your site sells a natural solution to the problem whelk

You start to make research on keywords and found that the keywords "physical action" has 288 daily searches. But has more than 2,000,000 competition site.

Even the term "acid reflux physical action" has 67 daily searches with more than 11,000 sites that compete.

You do the time and effort to optimize your site for the first set of keywords?

May your research more, but you do not know how these researchers want to buy your stomach acid is used. Not many competitors, keyword!

Or you will be a second term by only 67 people on the lookout for him - with 67 people searching for what you offer? And have a much lower amount of competition to start!

Of course, the second word is better!

Of course, you can have a decrease in traffic - but the visitors are more likely Thursday to purchase your product.

Why do you spend more money with less traffic, More

People for Internet solutions to problems and do not need to buy something. Well, what of the problems that come to your site?

Think of keywords such as "problem statement" that someone will be kind of a search engine.

If you can match with the right keywords for which they are trying to solve. Will attract more visitors to your site so you can concentrate all efforts to optimize them!

Here are some suggestions for search keywords to help you change your keywords in the conversion ...

Top Search Engine Tips to find keywords that are targeted will bring the best buyers to your website:

Check the server logs. See what your keyword phrase is actually the people who use it to find your site. If there is something you've neglected to build pages that focus on the keywords.

Also for the keywords that cause people to leave immediately, because they find what they are looking for. Dent immediately keywords.

Search for "intent". Say you sell cross-country ski equipment. People can come to your website in search of something different.

For example:
They want to buy a particular product
They find reviews
They want information on how to get the cross-country ski
They want to discount or equipment
They want to know what equipment will be best for them
They want to know what's new and hot cross-country ski equipment

Same products - far different purpose!

If you optimize the page (or pages) for each others problems trying to solve, you can give them a look ...

That means they are more on your site - and you'll have a better chance to catch them in their sales.

Check the competition. What keywords to competitors and to optimize the page?

You can spy them with the site and they see your code!

In the web browser, just go to show the main menu and click Source or Page Source to see under the tent "of any competitor site. So you can see what they do right and what you can do better.

You find the best keywords with pay-per-click ads. This is the fastest way to find out how well different keywords work.

Pay-per-click, you can display ads based on two or three words at the same time. This allows you to track where the best conversion. Make sure to click on ads to pages that are directly related to the keyword.

SEO concentrate efforts on the specific keywords that describe what each page solves the problem. Do not be tempted by more general keywords with higher traffic numbers. They will not send you the traffic you want.

Follow these tips to search engine optimization and keywords to be converted.

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