I often see any posts about google adsense, either on an account, and all the tricks and tips related to google adsense. until I felt so famous google adsense so that each person discuss?

What is the google adsense? According sparing my google adsense program is a PPC (pay per click) to give them a commission payment from each click on the ads that appear on our site. From every click made by visitors to the site, we get about $ 0.01. The numbers are not very large. If we want the maximum revenue, of course we have to encompass as many visitors to our site. And will provide payment adsense revenue if we have reached $ 100.

I hold the light is not so optimistic with the amount, imagine if every click was only $ 0.01 for a $ 100 we need approximately 10,000 clicks from visitors. If five people from our visitors only get a 1-click means we have to bring 50,000 thousand visitors to our site.

I think the most important for us learned in google adsense program is not a way to get accounts, but a way to attract people to want to visit our site. Moreover, if we successfully entered the site's first page of search engines. Please note the keywords that are also not required keywords that are not common, but the keywords that many people used to do a search on search engines. We can only have a blog entry to the first page of search engines with keywords that are not common, but if there are other people who will write the same keyword with us? For example, I enter a keyword deamoy blog, then that is out of this blog, but if there are other people who write down the words as we deamoy blog?

So is the main key to enter our site to the first page of search results, with the right keywords.

There are several tricks that can be done to increase our page ranking in our search engine's eyes, one with writing the meta tags in the HTML code head.

The next step is to register at our site search engine. Also do the registration in directory, and also in the google site map. This step will help introduce our site to the search engine.

The next step is to do update our site often as we can do. For example we do in a day or 5 post.This is done to establish friendship with the search engine is.

The next step create a design to make visitors interested and they always want to return to our site. Can be done in a way to provide content that is unique and not copy from another site.

Last is to establish a friendship with the other sites, make a link as much as we can, with the hope that our site will also link to link back to our site. Leave a comment with the url our site is also very beneficial. often site after reading other people we always write our comments, and we leave the url there.

If you can do with the way the campaign ads on our site. Or have a little tip, create an account friendster.com and add content with an url link to our site. Add friends as much as possible, hopefully from a friend in the add are interested to open our site.

I hope in this way we can bring visitors to our site as much as possible. And, of course, with the number of visitors to our site will also more and more opportunities for us to get ad clicks from their adsense.

On how to get adsense account, I think a lot has been discussed by the author, but may in the next post I will study on how to get the adsense account.


Inside AdSense: Time limit for AdSense referrals earnings is now 180 days

Inside AdSense: Time limit for AdSense referrals earnings is now 180 days