Following the program in Fotolia

Here's how the registration will be done at Fotolia. Before signing up, there are some things to keep in mind, namely:

1. Fotolia search for images of simple objects, but the general unique, and the image expression with various activities during a day-to-day.
2. The photo can be received and proportional size of the minimum 1600x1200 pixels.
3. This site only accept images in JPG or JPEG format. The other format such as Bitmap, PNG, PSD, RAW, it is first converted into JPEG or JPG format.
4. Fotolia will reject images with pornographic content, violence, racial, or illegal content, as well as photographs of the ugly composition.
5. Photos must be free from excessive artistic.

Steps to become a member:
1. sign up at Fotolia.com
before uploading images, you must pass the test of some of the questions provided, After graduating from the test, you can start uploading photos and sell them.
2. Click upload new file
Can be uploaded to the way normal, with flash, or via ftp software
3. click browse
To search for photos stored on the hard drive in your computer. Do if the upload photos manually.
4. click upload file. To further give the title, a record for the editor, state, and file types. Add the keyword or keywords to the file.
5. Select a category. Give additional information, whether the image is only for special fotolia and the option to become free if the section was not considered eligible. Also specify the price for the image.
6. submint and click finish.
If the image you are eligible, the photo will be displayed on the web fotolia.com according to the category you choose.

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