First time I tried to write a blog, which I have in mind is how to get adsense account to be able to show their ads. I do not think other PPC programs, because the information I can get google adsense only.

Perhaps you can imagine how I do not understand the HTML at all with the knowledge of English is very narrow, must create a blog that the content must be in English. It's like the sky would fall as well.

But after the fact does not try too hard. To the knowledge of HTML I read many tutorials on creating a blog, of course, in a language I able. And about the trouble the English language, I use google translate site. Two issue already, I feel a little relieved.

Problems that appear next to that is what we will write it in our blog. The first time I write, I do not focus on one topic or keyword only (I later realized that it is not correct). I satukan various topics, be forced to feel congested and not known. I think the origin of the English language, no matter what the topic that I write. In fact I do the very foolish.

Every day I write one post, and on the fifth day after the number of posting I have 5 of course, I sign up to adsense. During the evaluation, I pick up my habit to write on the blog, but not every day. After almost 2 sunday ever in my account approved by adsense (at that time the amount of posting I have 8). I feel very happy, it's such as I have won a sweepstakes.

At the other, I try to make my school. The concept has been effective start, not ragged as my first blog. I write the article 3 in the English language, and some way of posting on my blog is. There was only a list of some of the links and the location where I store the files needed. In fact terusterang files are all in my native language is English. I do all night, and a new day finished early, I adsensenya register an account, and then sleep.

Next day I open the e-mail account and found that adsense has been in acc. So I think on the blog making it the first all-out content that I write the original, until almost two weeks ever. Whereas in the second blog I only write some original content there was only a list of links, while the articles that I post is adapted from an article that I find on some sites. And in fact only one day in adsense account has been in acc. If you do see my blog, because up to this second, I have not updated blog, please click here.

acctually so upset with my experience I have. What you have in mind? Maybe you can take the conclusions of both my experience, because in fact so far I also cause confusion which is my second blog so easily in acc by adsense.

There are some assumptions that are my thoughts, namely:
1. the content more clearly and focus
2. written more cleanly because it was premeditated
3. Its unique because, even if only a link but the topic is truly original, that is the program of teaching in our schools

Maybe you can take the example of the making of my blog this second, with a plan that is both what you want to submit in making your blog, and try to prevent all contents on a single keyword. Perhaps the tip quickly so that get the adsense account.

About registration please visit the site here. If you've finished registering wait for e-mail notification from them. While waiting email should you continue to update your blog, and so impressed dynamic. Survivors try.

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