If you have read my previous post, of course you already know about the paid to review program or pay per post program. PPC is a program of how to earn money in the virtual world with write a review, payment will be given to each review which we have written. The payment depends on the agreement between the advertiser and publisher, of course, the broker PTR also get a commission, usually about 35%. I feel this is a good program and solid pay us (not spam), especially for one who like writing.

To follow the program's main requirement is we should have a blog that was about 3 months and has a total posting no less than 20 original posting content. That's the basic Condition of all PTR broker. Of course there is one of them ask us to write in a good English grammar and good English spelling.

After trying several ways, I finally found a way that may be useful for you all who want to join in this program. I will guide you from start planning to register in the PTR site. The way I suggest that may not be common, but I feel very useful.

1. Before you try to create a blog you should to write at less 25 articles in the same category (like art, automotive, business, educations, food, and others), I recommend your subject is about tips and tricks, not a product information. Maybe you will look for the idea from the old magazine. Remember, you should write in English with the good spelling and good grammar too.

2. Join in blog hosting (I recommend in blogger.com), and start to create a blog. You should used the ready adsense template to write a blog. Don't forget to put a meta tag in the head section, like

<meta name="robots" content="INDEX, FOLLOW"/>

<meta name="description" content="your blog description "/>

<meta name="keywords" content="your keywod "/>

as a record that should be remembered, gained between the content, title, keyword and url should use the same word.

3. Posting three articles that we prepare before. You can change the settings options post a date when the previous three months if you do not want to wait in your blog approve three months later.

4. Submit your blog in 40 search engines at once, you can click here to register your blog in 40 search engine.

5. Submit your blog in a lot of blog directory, such as Technorati, a blog search, and more. A tip if you register at the Technorati blog ping your blog every day.

6. Blogwalking, go to the other blog and write your comment on it, at least 10 blogs every day

7. Join in a lot of forum and promote your blog there.

8. Join in autosurf program to increase your traffic

9. Join in web stat to check your own visitors and put the widget in your blog

10. Post any posts every day until all articles that have been prepared (25 pieces) out. I encourage you to sett your post options. Remember the last 13 articles should to post in the running month.

11. Check your traffic, if your traffic has has reached minimize 500 visitors, you can register your blog in broker PTR sites

hopefully my tips good for you, good luck

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