How To Make Internet Money With Play and Learn forex

For some people, foreign exchange transaction is a fun activity. Among other things, the exchange rate because of the forex-down ride. Unfortunately, they can participate in the play most of this business is the people who have a lot of money.

Marketiva is usually used as one of the options trading because it gives the real free cash of $ 5 cash for real trading and $ 10,000 for a demo or virtual trading. In addition to not collect a commission, Marketiva also provides news, such as alerts, chat, chart tool, and the capital which is very minimal ($ 1) to study and start trading


Here are the steps it takes to start trading in Marketiva:

1. Visit marketika with the click here. After the front page appears, click on the menu open an account, then fill in the fields according to the registration data anda.Selanjutnya, click the service tab and download the software Marketiva trading. Then install on your computer.

2. After the install is complete, do the registration. If the registration is done successfully, log in with your username and password that you choose.

3. Complete data upload documents to the self-surrender (Pasport / resident card / driving license / photo) that have been scanned, do not make a trade before the document you are verified and approved.

4. After the data itself is received, you can make real and virtual trading software through Marketiva. Trading can be done for 24 hours.

After you log in a new window will appear showing the exchange rate of foreign exchange, fund rate, index, and commodity prices.

In the transaction, the price of buying and selling price of a forex kuotasi stated in the bid / ask or bid / offer. Bid is the price level, where traders are willing to buy foreign exchange, while the ask or offer price is the level where traders are willing to sell foreign exchange. It is important to remember that the exchange rate kuatasi bid / ask is resiprokal. That is, the purchase of a foreign exchange will be followed by other foreign exchange sales.

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